Black History Month Events

Events during Black History Month 2020

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Our Voices Matter

Speaker: Patrick Vernon

Date: 1st October

Time: 6-7

Interview with Gloria Mills

An Interview with Gloria Mills UNISON National Secretary for Equalities talking trade unions, politics and the future.

Speaker: Carol Sewell

Date: 2nd October

Time: 6-7

Asian Festivals

An exploration of Asian festivals covering the Muslim, Hindu and Sikh traditions

Speaker: Nasar Hussain

Date: 6th October

Time: 6-7

Noor Inayat Khan – Spy Princess.

Shrabani Bassu, has always combined her journalism with her love of history and all of her books have evolved from her observation about the shared histories of India and Britain.

Join us as we hear about The Spy Princess – The story of Noor Inayat Khan.

Speaker: Shrabani Bassu

Date: 7th October

Time: 6-7pm

Angela Davis

An educational talk with Rita – The life of an American political activist, philosopher, academic, and author Angela Davis.

Speaker: Rita

Date: 8th October

Time: 5-6pm

Defining Black

In UNISON we the term Black to define people in Britian to describe a shared history and experience, this Talk will explore this.

Speaker: Carol Sewell and Manjula Kumari

Date: 9th October

Time: 7-8pm

Colonial History

Corinne Fowler is Professor of Postcolonial Literature at the University of Leicester. In this talk, Corinne discusses her experience of working with 100 children to co-curate exhibitions, give guided tours and write new guidebooks for National Trust properties.

Speaker: Corrine Fowler

Date: 12th October

Time: 6-7

Get involved, Get active

Speaker: Anthony Weatherburn

Date: 13th October

Time: 6-7

Panel Discussion

A panel discussion looking at Black issues across the UK and world including Covid-19, Black Lives Matter and the future of Black Activism

Speakers: Ravi Subramanian, UNISON / Susan Adeyemo, Coventry and Warwickshire Combined Health Trust  / Rodney Williams, Nation Grid

Time: 6-7:30pm

Date: 15th October

Interview with Carol Sewell

An Interview with Carol Sewell a long standing and experienced UNISON Activist talking trade unions, politics and the future.

Speaker: Carol Sewell

Date: 19th October

Time: 6-7

Genealogy event

Speaker: Sharon Carby-Mclean

Date: 20th October

Time: 6-7

Interview with Roger McKenzie

An Interview with UNISON Assistant General Secretary talking trade unions, Politics and the future.

Speaker: Roger McKenzie

Date: 21st October

Time: 6-7

Interview with Ravi

An Interview with UNISON West Midlands Regional Secretary talking trade unions, Politics and the future.

Speaker: Ravi Subramanian

Date: 22nd October

Time: 6-7


Speaker: Zita Holbourne

Date: 27th October

Time: 7-8pm

Organising a Self Organised Group

This talk will help you to organise your own UNISON self organised Group in your local UNISON Branch.

Speaker: Paulette Whyte

Date: 28th October

Time: 6-7

Let’s talk Caribbean Heritage

Let’s Talk Caribbean Heritage is about two presentations that focus on two countries’ heritage;  both Grenada and Jamaica.  It is also based on the presenters’ observations and research

Speaker: Jason Pierre and Fearon Hemmings

Date: 30th October

Time: 6-7pm