Mental Health Awareness (For All UNISON Members)

23 May 2024 9:30am–12:30pm


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Thursday 23 May (9.30am – 12.30pm)

This is a tutor-led session that will help your general understanding of good versus poor mental health. What are the factors that contribute to mental health problems? What signs and symptoms should you be aware of – in yourself and in others? What help is available for mental health problems? And how can you self-help?

Course content includes:

  • What is Mental Health (using the World Health Organisation definition of health for discussion)
  • Discussion of the key mental health issues – depression, anxiety, stress, psychosis and suicide
  • Why does everyone have mental health peaks and troughs? What are the usual triggers?
  • Where do attitudes to mental health issues such as stigma come from. What effect do attitudes and values have on mental health
  • Monitoring your own mental health. What are the physical signs? Group discussion.
  • Spotting deteriorating mental health in friends and colleagues – listening and communication skills – active listening skills, body language
  • Identification of sources of professional help such as workplace counselling, internal structures such as HR

Mindful workplace –practice of mindfulness techniques for prevention and management of mental health issues in workplace.

This course is free for UNISON members

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