Message from the Regional Secretary

Welcome to the website of UNISON West Midlands.

Welcome to the UNISON West Midlands website. I hope you find it useful. If you have any suggestions on how we can make it better please email us at

The 2020/21 pandemic has shown the essential nature of public services and the people who work in them. Public services are the bedrock of what it means to live in a civilised society. UNISON are committed to fighting for our public services and the highly committed workers who deliver them.

You may know us from your workplace where we have represented you or your colleagues in grievances and disciplinaries. But we want to do much more than just represent workers in grievances and disciplinaries. We want to help workers build their own power so they can achieve big wins for themselves.

You might have seen us flexing our legal power in the courts when we got tribunal fees scrapped or when we won an important case about the way holiday is calculated. But that is only one way for us to be powerful.

  • UNISON West Midlands wants you and your colleagues to have your own power to win change in your workplace
  • We will support you to develop yourself through education, training, and opportunities to do new things.
  • We are a union that holds politicians to account. Instead of waiting to respond to their agenda, we make our own asks of them on issues that you care about, through our regional manifestos.

We know that times are hard, for some they’ve never been harder than now. But hope is also rising. Maybe you can feel a change in your workplace? Together, we can build the power to win in your workplace.

Want to know more about how you can build that power? Email us at

Ravi Subramanian

Regional Secretary